j5 International employs a variety of people, including:

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A cheque for brilliance (by someone who doesn’t work here!)

Developers, who write software at various levels of our stack; we find that developers of the appropriate calibre easily find their way into the combination of Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS etc that we use. They generally have degrees in Computer Science or Mathematics. We are looking for experienced senior developers with technical and/or people leadership skills, as well as recent graduates.

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What scientists do to bugs

Documentation, testing and training people, who work on the software specifications, written tests and documentation, and ensure that we deliver high-quality solutions to our users. Often people with a scientific background have the right mindset and skills to track down complex bugs and be precise in their communication; so we have people with Biology and Zoology degrees (entomologists are particularly welcome; Grace Hopper would be proud!)

Project Managers and Business Analysts work on co-ordinating the development, testing and documentation required to deliver excellent projects to clients, analyzing the requirements of clients and producing specifications, as well as handling client communications.

We are always open to bright, talented and personable people applying to us for positions… if you’re interested, please contact us at with a copy of your CV; our interview process for developers does include live coding tests, so be prepared!

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